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Meet The Author


Lawrence Darrington was born May 13th 1966 in Panama which is located in Central America. Born and raised in the United States military with his loving father Henry R Darrington. Darrington and his family traveled a lot but finally settled down in the city of Los Angeles, California, when he was 13 years old. Darrington had his fair share of run-ins with the law and went ti prison in October 1987. It was there, behind the walls of the California Correctional Facility where Darrington found his love for writing and begins cultivating this gift. 
Although he had very limited reading skills growing up he was determined not to let that be an obstacle, but use it as a stepping stone for the next level of his life. He utilized his prison stay and got his GED while also enrolling himself in some college courses and he excelled from there. He quickly realized that "We read to understand and write to be understood" Darrington wanted to be understood and he finally found his testing and embraced his blessing.
Darrington went on to write poetry and several short stories. His brilliant mind uses skillful and dynamic techniques to bring words to life. He takes his readers down the dark roads of urban and inner city living all the way to the upscale high life of millionaires which are both edgy and hardcore. So sit back, stay behind the yellow tape and get ready to be blown away by the writing of this phenomenal author and poet.

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