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The Karma Club

Renee worked hard to be a neurosurgeon and she knew it required a certain amount of knowledge, skill, and precision. Renee's time in the operating room fortified her mind, body, and soul, while sharpening her life skills giving her great encouragment to face impossible odds. A chance encounter with a stranger in Atlanta would cause Renee to resurrect the tragedy of that past. Her journey of self discovery in dealing with her assault of nearly 20 years ago will hit her so hard, she will find herself reliving those painful moments as if it happened yesterday. This time however, her response is unconvetionally different. With the help of her two closest friends, Renee carefully planned a punishment so intense that it gave new meaning to phrase "PAYBACK IS A MOTHERFUCKER!" The assault was so atrocious, that rapists around the world were left fearful and paranoid. Many wondered if any of their victims were members of the Karma Club and if their names were placed on their "hit list."

The Karma Club



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